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CityLIVE Radio is operated by volunteers who set aside a few hours a week to entertain you.

Here are the team who voices don't match their voices.


Chris Storey

A veteran to the airwaves, Chris has been in the industry for almost thirty years working on various UK stations such as TFM, Century, BBC Tees, Radio Hartlepool and Vita Radio.


He also likes to shout at dogs in the park and leaves odd shoes on the roadside and bus shelters. Oh and he like a coffee or two.

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Rebecca Hall

Becca wants to live in a world filled with friendships and laughter, books that come bundled with a slice of pizza and a force field around her keyboard that repels cats and a sticky-fingered toddler.

As a graduate journalist with more than 2 years experience producing print, TV, radio and new media, she is putting her skills to the test as a crew member of Ghost Haunted. When she’s not writing her novel or streaming her gaming adventures on Twitch, she one half of the Becca and Matt Weekender, every Saturday. 

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Saturday and Sundays

Les Adam

This guy works his socks off presenting more shows than Sir Bruce Forsythe. Les presents 'The BIG Saturday Night Party' that is not only a part of our schedule, but heard across many FM stations across the UK. 

If you recognise his voice, well Les has worked on several stations including 105 Zetland FM, Radio Leyland, Deluxe Radio and Vita Radio.

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Friday and Saturdays

Matt Bland

Presenter on 'The Friday Mixtape' and one half of 'Becca and Matt's Weekender', he is a man of many talents including two time Egg and Spoon winner in 1988 and 1989.

Matt has been presenting on the radio for twenty years, working on stations such as 105 Zetland FM and Radio Hartlepool. He has also worked in film and television as an actor, crew and presenter. Film credits include The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack, Give Them Wings, Tales from the Lodge and has worked for the BBC, Sky News and Teesside TV.

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