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Depaul asks the north-east for help

DePaul UK is a charity organisation, who support the homeless in a bid to help them regain their confidence and rebuild their lives.
Middlesbrough's local branch is situated opposide the bus station, within Broadcasting House. You will see their volunteers, walking the streets of Middlesbrough late at night, offering support to the homeless.

At the moment, DePaul has launched 'Nightstop', an emergency accommodation service, that is available throughout the north-east, where generious volunteers offer a bed, a warm meal and somewhere safe to stay for a night.

Sarah Golding, manager at DePaul UK, Middlesbrough branch, spoke with CityLIVE Radio about the Nightstop service and Volunteer Celebration Week.

"The volunteers expressed how much they appreciated the day, they especially enjoyed meeting other volunteers and sharing positive experiences. This was then followed up by emails thanking us for the opportunity", Sarah explained. "Nightstop is the main project that I'm managing, where volunteers in our community with empty bedrooms can help young people who might end up sleeping on the streets. We are needing volunteer hosts. So if anyone has spare room and a big heart, we give provide full training, we also thoroughly background check anyone for help, with references and police checks. Then they have to be interviewed by myself. Unfortunately, we do turn people away because there is no spaces, which is heartbreaking."

DePaul is reaching out to anyone with a spare room and would love to help, to get in touch by visiting 

Photographes of some volunteers who have opened their homes up for the homeless, continuing to support DePaul in our region.